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Can my employer match my donation to an ioby project?

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If your workplace has a program to match its employees’ charitable giving, ioby can accept your employer’s donation too!

Every employer will have different internal processes, so it’s best to start a conversation with your employer about how they plan to donate. No matter what method your employer uses, it’s important to let ioby’s team know about the upcoming donation. Once the match has been approved, email [email protected] with the following information:

  • The name of the company making the donation
  • The donation amount
  • The method of the donation (check, electronic funds transfer, third-party website)
  • An email address ioby should use to send a tax receipt for the donation
  • How the donation should appear on the project page (company’s name, donor’s name, or anonymous)

There are a few easy ways for your employer to match your gift. Here’s how:

Make a donation via check

If your employer plans to match your donation by check, keep in mind that check processing can take a while. With mailing and processing time, check donations may take up to 3-4 weeks to be reflected on a project's fundraising page. Plan ahead with your employer and with the project leader you want to support.

For check donations, be sure to pass along ioby’s check donation instructions to your employer, and be sure that the check’s memo section includes the project title of the project you wish to support. 

Click here for specific instruction on how to donate to an ioby campaign by check


Make a donation via electronic funds transfer (EFT)

A faster way for your employer to match your donation is via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Donations by EFT are typically reflected on the project page within 1-3 business days from when ioby receives the deposit.

Click here for specific instructions on how to donate to an ioby campaign by electronic funds transfer


Make a donation through a third-party site

Many employers make contributions through a third-party site such as Benevity or YourCause. Because each platform is different, ioby can’t offer any specific instructions for how to donate through these types of sites. For additional support donating through a third-party site, please consult that particular service’s help section or contact their support team.


How long will it take for my employer’s gift to be applied to the project? 

After ioby receives an employer match donation (either by check or EFT), we are generally able to apply it to the intended project within 1-3 days if we have all the information we need. However, please note that different companies have widely varying timelines for their employer match process, so we encourage you to check with your employer for an estimate of how long it will take to send us their match donation. 

Will my employer receive confirmation that their donation is tax-deductible?

Yes! In order to ensure that your employer receives a donation letter with tax deductibility information, be sure they contact [email protected] and let our finance team know the details of the donation.

If your employer needs verification of ioby’s non-profit status before they can approve the matching donation, that information is available here: ioby is my fiscal sponsor. Can I get proof of ioby's tax-exempt status?

If you have any other questions about making a donation, please contact [email protected]

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