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Can I donate to an ioby campaign from a donor-advised fund?

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Yes! ioby campaigns can accept donations from a donor-advised fund. There are just a couple of extra steps to take so we can ensure that your tax-deductible gift goes to the project you want.

One thing to keep in mind: contributions from a donor-advised fund can take longer to process and apply to an ioby campaign’s project page. Be sure to consider this longer processing time when making your donation.

If you’re considering making a contribution from a donor-advised fund, start by reaching out to our donations team at [email protected]. Let them know the following:

  1. The name of the project you want to contribute to. Every project crowdfunding on ioby’s platform has a title right at the top of the page. To make things easy, copy and paste the exact title into your email.
  2. Whether your donation will come by check, electronic funds transfer, or a third-party site. This will help us to be prepared to identify your donation as soon as it comes in. Please note that all donations made through a donor-advised fund are still subject to ioby’s donation processing fee of 3%. More information about ioby fees is available here.
  3. The name of the donor-advised fund and/or the managing foundation. Our donation team will need to be able to identify the payment when it comes to ioby. If the donation will come under a different name (such as a foundation or a grant management organization), please let us know what name or names to look for.
  4. The amount of the donation you’d like to make. This will help us to verify your donation, and make sure the project you want to support receives the right amount. If you are also including gratuity to ioby, be clear what amount is for the project and what amount is for ioby (thank you!).
  5. How to acknowledge your gift. ioby sends email receipts for all project donations. Let us know the correct email address we should use. If there is a special way you would like your donation credited on the project’s donor list, or you’d prefer to stay anonymous, just let us know.

Our donations team will follow up with you with next steps and answer any questions you might have. For detailed instructions on how to donate via check or electronic funds transfer, see the following Support Center articles:

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