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Why can’t I fiscally sponsor my friend to get an ioby match after I’ve done the match?

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All ioby match programs have a maximum amount of match funds that any group or organization can access in that program. This is to ensure that many community leaders benefit from our match programs. 

We strongly encourage recruiting your friends and colleagues to participate in ioby match programs. Please send them to

When one group or organization has already maximized an ioby match program, and then asks to fiscally sponsor their friends in that same match program, it can appear to our funders that the first one group is receiving more than the maximum allowed in that match program. 

So, we cannot allow one group to fiscally sponsor their friends within the same ioby match program. 

Rarely, we can make an exception, depending on the specific situation. 

Please email your specific situation to our ioby Match Programs Director, [email protected] 

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