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If I’m approved for match funding, am I guaranteed to receive a specific amount?

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All ioby matches are on a first-come basis to donations, simultaneously accessed by all participating campaigns. ioby matching funds are applied to individual donations. Matching funds are not held for campaigns.

We can provide an estimated timeline for how long an ioby match program will be available. ioby match programs double donations only for as long as the match program funding lasts. 

This means that you have a match opportunity, but we can't guarantee that you'll receive a certain amount. It depends on how fast your donations come in and how fast the ioby match program is spent by all donors.

We send status update emails during all ioby match programs so that participants have ample notice that the funding is moving quickly to donors. Sometimes an ioby match program will run out faster than we anticipated, and we will send email notifications with that updated timeline. 

Please send questions to our ioby Match Programs Director, [email protected] 

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