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Chapter Nine — Big budgets

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At ioby, we think that your project can be meaningful no matter how big the budget. For many projects, you don’t actually need all that much money to make a big impact—the average budget on ioby is about $4,000. If you find yourself with a very large budget (at ioby, we think that anything over $10,000 is a large budget), it might be worthwhile to check in with yourself and your team. Is your budget a perfect-case scenario? Could you get by with a truncated budget? Do you really need to buy new, or could you get some equipment donated?

But sometimes you just need more money to make it happen. We get it.

While crowdfunding for a budget over $10,000 is definitely doable, it will take some extra planning and some extra hard work to make it happen. If you have your sights set high, your budget—and your fundraising skills—will just have to rise to the challenge.

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