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Chapter Four — Planning your asks

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With your story and your “why” in hand, it’s time to think about who you’re going to tell that story to and ask for donations. A prospect chart is the best tool to do so. With your prospect chart, you should 

  1. Be able to identify the people you can ask for money, 
  2. Know how you’re going to ask them, and 
  3. Be able to estimate how much each person will be able to give. 

Remember when we mentioned this prospect chart in Chapter Two — Setting a budget? Your prospect chart will help you determine the total amount you can expect to fundraise and therefore will help you set a realistic budget. If the amount you can expect to fundraise from your prospect chart is less than the budget you set in Chapter Two, you’ll need to either add teammates to expand your prospect chart, or trim your budget. Refer back to Chapter Two if you need help setting a new, smaller budget.

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