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Chapter One - Your Team

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One of the first steps of planning your crowdfunding campaign is to build your team. Now, you may be asking, “Team? Can’t I just crowdfund by myself?” Sure! We love crowdfunding because the barrier to entry is relatively low. You don’t need permission from a funder or to be a formally incorporated group; all you need is a great idea for the neighborhood and a community of folks ready to support you to get started. 

But, no one is an island--even the best and brightest leaders. This is true of crowdfunding, but it's also true of mostif not allcommunity development projects. Having a team lets you bounce ideas off each other to make sure that your idea really is what your community needs most, and it helps make the journey a lot easierand a lot more fun. Crowdfunding isn't a "set it and forget it" proposition. Putting your project idea online and sitting back and watching the money roll in is, sorry to say, a fantasy that almost never actually happens. It takes time, effort, and a wide network of people to raise money, and a strong team helps all of those things happen. 

ioby leaders that crowdfund with a team fundraise up to six times faster and are more likely to meet or surpass their fundraising goal than leaders who crowdfund alone. Plan to partner with at least two or three other reliable people for maximum fundraising power--the more the merrier!

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