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How do I find my donor contact information?

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As a project leader, you have access to this information through your ioby campaign page, and more specifically, the Donor List Detail. Reach out and say thank you and further engage them in your awesome neighborhood-scale work!

We take protecting your contact information and the contact information of donors very seriously. To understand the donor information that you can expect to receive as part of your fundraising campaign, please click here. For instructions on how to download your donor list for your records, please click here.

Log into your ioby account and go to your campaign page

First, log into your ioby account. When you're logged in as the project leader on your campaign page, you'll see an additional option available, your Donor List Detail.

Click on the Donor List Detail to view donor information

1. The name and email address are optional items of information to donors during the checkout process, so as a result, they may be abbreviated or noted as ANONYMOUS. If you see this type of information in your donor list detail, the donor has opted to remain anonymous or refrain from leaving their contact information for you, or the donor has made a gift by check.  ioby cannot provide additional information about donors.  Click here to read more about the type of donor information you will have access to as a part of your fundraiser.

2. The amount of a donor's gift is always available and is noted in this column.

Thank your donors

As you and your team see names come in on this Donor List Detail, be sure to reach out and thank them. If you or a teammate knows someone personally, call them and thank them. Or, if you're friends with them on social media, tag them and thank them!

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