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What type of information will I receive about my donors?

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We take our privacy policy seriously, which protects your contact information and contact information of every donor who contributes to your project.

At any point during and after your fundraising campaign, you can access a current list of your donors through your online fundraising page. You can also download that list of donors for your records. Please note that ioby cannot share physical or postal mailing address information for any donors.

For online donations, you will have access to donors’ full names, email addresses, donation amounts, and donation dates. However, during the checkout process, each donor can opt out of sharing his or her full name and email address with the leader of the project. If a donor opts out of sharing any of their personal information, you will not see his or her full name or email information in this donor list detail.


For check donations, you will have access to the first name of the donor and the donation amount. We are not able to provide any additional donor information for check donations.

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