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When and how will we get our funds?

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You can receive your funds by mailed paper check or by secure e-payment (via ACH directly to your bank account). Depending on your preference and how fast you (and, if applicable, your fiscal sponsor) complete your paperwork, you'll receive your funds within 5 to 15 business days of closing your campaign.

Once you've finished crowdfunding, let your Leader Success Strategist know that you're ready to receive your funds. They'll send you a simple Project Agreement for you to sign, which essentially states that you'll use your crowdfunded money for its intended purpose--your project. Once you've signed your Project Agreement, we'll send you your funds within 7 business days if you opt to receive it by check. Your funds will usually arrive sooner if you opt to receive it by secure e-payment.

If ioby is your fiscal sponsor, we'll send the payment directly to the project leader listed on your ioby campaign. If ioby is not your fiscal sponsor, then we'll send the payment to your nonprofit organization or your fiscal sponsor.

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