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What resources does ioby provide?

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Our resources aren’t just limited to fundraising. Here are some of the many resources we provide:

  • Leader Toolkit: Our toolkit of fundraising tips and best practices to help you succeed.

  • Learn from a Leader: Our series of easy how-to guides and videos from past ioby leaders in planning and implementing projects from community gardens to pop-up festivals.

  • Recipes for Change: Need to know how to make a quick and effective video? How to get community support for your project? We have guides to help your project overcome some common non-fundraising hurdles.

  • The RainmakersFor those with ambitious fundraising goals, our Rainmakers guides provide a little extra help in planning and carrying out a larger-budget campaign.

  • ioby Action Corps: Our awesome network of experts in everything from landscape architecture to permitting, Action Corps is standing by to help you with your tough questions about getting your project off the ground.

  • Free in-person convenings and peer-to-peer learning webinars: We love bringing people together to share what they've learned along the way. Sign up for our newsletter for info on upcoming events.

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