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How does ioby's fundraising coaching work?

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We want your project to succeed, and we will provide you with as much support as you need along the way.

Before your campaign goes live, you’ll have access to ioby’s Leader Toolkit, an easy, getting-started guide, as well as other fundraising resources that are specific to your campaign’s needs. You’ll also be paired with one of our Leader Success Strategists, an experienced fundraising coach who can help you plan your budget, create a campaign schedule, and hone your fundraising asks. They're ready to help by sharing proven tips and guidelines to help plan your fundraising campaign, and they will help you troubleshoot throughout your campaign. 

Are you a first time fundraiser or not sure where to start? Your Leader Success Strategist can be there every step of the way-- Just call or email your Strategist!

If you're feeling confident in your fundraising chops and don't need much help, let your Strategist know! We'll only provide support when you want it.

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