Getting Good Done in Memphis

Calling all Memphis residents! If you have an idea for a neighborhood improvement and are ready to take the next step- look no further than our fully customized Memphis Guide to Doing Good. Courtesy of our io...

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Getting Good Done in Miami

If you're looking to jump start an ioby project in Miami, check out our quick educational guides to learn about the best practices for implementation, public space use info, and to build up your network of loca...

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How-to: Build your own Infrastructure Project

Guide to Green Infrastructure: 5 Projects that any community can do to reduce storm water runoff in 5 easy steps Interested in making a local infrastructure improvement? Browse our sampling of successful green...

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How-to: Build your own Transit Project

Trick out Your Trip: 5 Projects Any Community Can Do To Improve the Transit Experience Hoping to lead a transit improvement project in your neighborhood? Br...

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How-to: Build your own Green School Project

Guide to Green School Projects: 5 projects any school can do to make environmental learning part of the curriculum Calling all teachers, parents, & students to take the lead to make your local schools gre...

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