I am tax exempt, but not a 501(c)3. Can I submit something other than a nonprofit letter of determination?



If you are not using ioby’s fiscal sponsorship service, you must provide proof of tax exemption. For most, that will be a federal determination from the IRS. Remember that we cannot accept a state issued determination, it must be from the federal IRS.

If you are a tax-exempt government entity, you may provide a Governmental Information Letter from the IRS instead.

If you are a school, a religious institution, or a 501(c)7, proof of tax exempt status may vary depending on your state and incorporation status. You may submit to ioby the same federal documentation you would submit to any other government agency, foundation, or other donor to prove federal tax exempt status. Please consult with your tax professional about appropriate documentation for your federal tax exempt status. and your Leader Success Strategist will provide more information as necessary. Please note that any proof of tax exempt status must indicate federal exemption. Once you've shared your project idea, reach out to you Leader Success Strategist to learn more.


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