What resources and support will I get from ioby?

ioby isn't like any other crowdfunding platform. We'll provide tailored, one-on-one support throughout your campaign.  

We offer a number of online resources like national learning webinars with other project leaders, a series of guides to getting good donefundraising resources, and more. But your most powerful tool at ioby is your Leader Success Strategist.

When you run a crowdfunding campaign with ioby you'll be paired with a Leader Success Strategist who will walk every step of the way with you while you campaign. They'll help you draft a compelling campaign page, strategize the asks you'll make of the people you know, and help you solve road blocks along the way to get you to your goal. 

ioby won't raise money for you but we're here to help you at every step while you do. If you have a question about fundraising, or maybe need help brainstorming who in city government can help you get permission to get your project done, turn to your Leader Success Strategist. 

ioby can also offer you fiscal sponsorship, if your project is eligible, so that you can collect tax-deductible donations and make the most of your crowdfunding campaign. 

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