How can I use email to leverage my match funding?

A great way to leverage your campaign is matching dollars from one of our ioby match programs or a large personal donation. Whichever one you choose, messaging is an important step in this process. So here are a few tips:

1. Be sure to share there is more money on the table! Let people know that their donation will be doubled.

2. Share your story and what is in it for the donor. Try to answer these questions: why are you doing the campaign, where is the money going, who is it going to impact, and what is the money going towards.

3. Add a photo. People love seeing smiling faces and pretty landscapes. Add a little color to your email.


Here is a template on how to ask for match donations:

"Giving is caring! For a limited time, your donation to [INSERT PROJECT NAME HERE] goes twice as far!
How you may ask, well we have been a given match dollars by ioby through ConEd match. For every dollar you give your gift is doubled up to $1000, so give today! 

Your donation  will help (make this section applicable to your project):
1. further our mission of environmental stewardship and youth development
2. create notable improvements in local parks and green spaces
3. make our environment better and greener for generations to come

Sharing your love for your community will help all of us. Donate today!

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