How does ioby select which cities to work in?

Anyone from anywhere in the United States can use ioby’s platform and services.

Although our platform is open to everyone, it is our mission to work deliberately in communities where our platform and services will make the greatest possible impact in helping neighbors make positive change. We focus on historically under-resourced communities, many of which are in low-income neighborhoods of color.

There is no one way to do this -- each community’s needs and resources are different. In order to engage residents and cultivate meaningful partnerships in a way that best serves the needs of each community, we need to have an on-the-ground presence in a small number of cities at a time.

We currently have offices in Brooklyn, Memphis Cleveland, and Detroit, and we will open offices in Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC in fall 2016. Our on-the-ground staff in these cities are responsible for local community outreach and training, and provide resources to help residents in each city best use ioby’s platform and services to improve their neighborhood.

We look to work in cities with a few main factors including a strong sense of attachment to place, a moderate to strong culture of giving, and a history of disinvestment.

We also look at where civic leaders—in government, philanthropy and the social sector - value authentic civic engagement and are interested in collaborating, and in taking an innovative approach to supporting community-led and place-based projects. For more on our approach to working in cities, please read our blog post on our approach.

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