How are you different than Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or other crowdfunding sites?

There are a few key differences between ioby and other crowdfunding platforms.
1. Our platform and services are specifically geared toward supporting leaders who are making positive change in the community where they live. ioby projects must be for the public good, and cannot make a profit. There are many other platforms out there that help raise funds for creative projects, personal expenses, startup businesses and other expenses. Because we only focus on one type of fundraising - crowdfunding for positive neighborhood change - we can provide the best platform and services to our leaders.
2. We keep our fees very low - some of the lowest in the crowdfunding field. We're a nonprofit too, and we want you to keep the highest possible percentage of the money you raise. See our fees page for more info. We also have a "flexible finish" policy, which means you can adjust your funding goal or fundraising timeline if you need to while you're fundraising. Many other crowdfunding platforms have an "all or nothing" policy, where if you don't meet your original goal by your original deadline, you don't get to keep any of the money you raised.
3. The online platform is only part of what we offer. Every leader who works with us has access to our tailored training program - our staff of fundraising coaches will work directly with you to build a budget and a timeline, help plan your communications and asks, and help you strategize before and during your campaign. This level of service means the success rate of ioby projects (87%) is much higher than the industry average.
4. ioby's platform is for raising more than just money. We can help you find volunteers, in-kind donations and human capital. We specialize in working with community groups and passionate groups of neighbors, and we know that money isn't the only thing you need to make positive change.

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