What's the difference between an ioby idea, project, and campaign?

First, you have an idea. You tell us a little about it on An idea can be anything you think will make your neighborhood better for the people living in it.

We will help you turn your idea into a campaign. We'll work with you to set a realistic budget and fundraising plan, and help you refine your online page, your narrative, and your ask. Once you feel confident to put your idea into the world, your page will go live and poof! It's a campaign.

Your campaign will run for as long as you'd like to keep it up. We recommend around four to six weeks for most campaigns -- fundraising is hard work and limiting the time you spend on it can actually help you raise money. Once you reach your funding goal, or once you decide to stop raising funds, we will help you close your campaign and send you your money.

Once you receive your funds, it's time to implement! This is when your campaign becomes a project. It's time to take action and get shovels in the ground, or whatever your equivalent might be. Make sure to tell us how your project goes, and send us pictures!

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