Can I donate to an ioby campaign by check or cash?

We are so excited that you plan to support an ioby project with a donation!

If you'd rather not give online or don't have quick access to the internet, you may give by check by following the 3 steps outlined below. Please also review the important things to know about check donations and processing time at the very bottom of this page. 

ioby does not process cash donations to campaigns.

Follow these 3 simple steps to give by check:
  1. Write a check to ioby with the preferred donation amount and list the campaign name on the memo so that we know where to apply the funds. For example, if you are giving to a campaign titled "Main Street Garden Spring Planting", you may write "Main St Garden" on the memo line.
  2. Tell us where to email your tax receipt. Please include a note with your check telling us where you'd like us to email your tax receipt. The note should include your name, email address, and phone number.
  3. Send the check to ioby at this address:  
          PO Box 4668 #74253
          New York, NY, 10163-4668

Review these 3 important things to know about your check donation for an ioby project:
  • Checks take time to process. Please note that with mailing and processing time, check donations for projects may take up to 2 weeks to be reflected on a project's fundraising page. Sometimes this process is faster but don't be alarmed or surprised if the donation takes a little extra time to show up on the project page.
  • If a check is mailed to any other ioby address, instead of the P.O. Box mailing address above, the processing time will increase. Do not mail project donations to an ioby office address. We have strict financial processes in place to ensure the financial information of donors is kept secure. Due to these important financial processes, mailing a check to another address will delay, rather than speed up, the check's processing time. 
  • Be aware of express delivery options to a P.O. Box. If you or your donors intend to express mail a check to the P.O. Box above, please check with the mailing service to verify if they are able to express deliver to a P.O. Box as there may be restrictions based on the service provider (i.e. USPS vs. Fedex).

Still have questions? Call us at 917-464-4515 x 8 or email us at

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