How long does it take to receive my raised funds?

Congrats on reaching your funding goal! Here's what comes next:

1. We'll close down this first campaign to new donations and get you set up with a new campaign page (many project leaders decide to call the second campaign their "Phase 2.")
2. You or the project leader will send your ioby staff contact an updated budget for Phase 1
3. We’ll send you our Project Agreement to sign on RightSignature, our digital platform for signing documents
4. When you've signed that agreement, we’ll send you the check!

This whole process takes about 1-2 weeks on average, depending on how quickly you sign the Project Agreement. (Again, this happens online so should only take you a few minutes.)

As your fiscal sponsor, we'll cut the check directly to your project leader (i.e. to be cashed as a personal check). In return, we'll just want to see receipts for every purchase made until the money has been used in full.


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