What's ioby all about?

ioby is a community of donors, volunteers and leaders dedicated to making stronger, more sustainable neighborhoods. Our name is derived from the opposite of NIMBY. We have a mission to deepen civic engagement in cities by connecting individuals directly to community-led, neighbor-funded projects in their neighborhoods.

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While ioby is often associated with our crowdfunding platform, we’re much more than just that.

In the past five years, ioby has helped neighborhood leaders raise over $2 million for almost 800 local projects. Crowdfunding money doesn’t just fall from the sky (unfortunately), so we’ve accomplished these numbers using a multi-pronged approach that involves:

  • Dedicated staff members who individually review and provide feedback on each and every project idea submitted to ioby
  • A Prospect Chart process that helps Leaders arrive at an appropriate fundraising target
  • A series of webinars about the ins and outs of grassroots fundraising tailored to different kinds of projects: green schools, food justice, community gardens, and more
  • Individualized help from our staff in creating and maintaining a stellar campaign page, designing live events, and producing marketing materials to create buzz for projects
  • Promotion through ioby’s blog, social media, and press outreach
  • Introduction to other grassroots leaders

To put it another way, we’re much more than the sum of our parts. Together our platform, staff, Leaders, volunteers and donors are growing a movement of individuals who are ever more knowledgeable, more connected, and more able to make positive change happen, right in our own backyards. That’s a lot more than just a website!

We termed the wonky word "Crowdresourcing" to combine the concepts of crowdfunding (the ability to pool small donations made online to a specific cause or project) and resource organizing (a core tenet of community organizing that considers activists and advocates the best supporters to ensure financial sustainability of a cause or project).
To us, crowdresourcing means organizing all types of capital--financial capital, social capital, in kind donations, volunteer support, etc--from within the neighborhood where the project is taking place. Grounded in asset-based community development, we believe that crowdresourcing is a powerful way to build support and ensure success of a project. 


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